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Micellar Water 200ml

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Refresh your skin with, Skin Essentials Micellar Water a gentle cleanser dedicated to drawing impurities and dirt without drying skin. 

Effortlessly remove make-up without rubbing or rinsing so you can experience soothed, smooth, clearer skin with no uncomfortable tightness.  Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

  • Argan Oil moisturizes, soothes atopic dermatitis, treats acne
  • Lavender Essential Oil soothes, reduces redness, rapidly heals, and calms the skin
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil heals, soothes, reduces scars, and acne

Usage:  Soak a cotton pad with Micellar Water,  gently wipe over your face wherever you have make-up or sunscreen.  Rinse with a warm cloth if required.