sunburn lotion and cooling gel set

After-Sun Kit

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Soothe and nourish skin with the power of aloe vera and avocado oil.

Skin Essentials cooling after sun lotion is easy to apply and thanks to its blend of aloe vera gel and nourishing avocado oil, it will soothe your skin after a day in the sun. With a non-greasy formula that absorbs into the skin quickly, this lotion is perfect for use after a session on the beach, or just as your regular moisturizer.
After the skin gets sunburnt it is important to keep it hydrated, this helps reduce pigmentation, wrinkles, and peeling. 

  • Avocado Oil:  Avocado oil contains a high percentage of vitamin E which accelerates the healing process, helping with sunburn.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil:  Is amazingly cooling taking the burn out of sunburn.
  • Pure Aloe Vera:  Aloe Vera aids the healing of the skin and helps lessen peeling.
  • Cucumber Water:  Cucumber soothes and hydrates damaged skin.


Usage:  Use morning and night for as long as required to reduce itching, and burn.  Apply after sun gel and allow to dry before nourishing skin with after-sun lotion.