Knojac Sponges

Buff away dead skin, naturally

What Is a Konjac Sponge?  A konjac sponge is a type of sponge made from vegetable fiber.  More specifically, it’s made from the root of the konjac plant, which is native to Asia.

When introduced to water, a konjac sponge expands and becomes soft and somewhat rubber-like. It’s known for being extremely gentle.
It’s also biodegradable, which is great because konjac sponges are not meant to be used forever (recommendations vary between six weeks to three months max).
If you read a konjac sponge review, you’ll often see that people find these facial sponges to be very cleansing without leaving skin dry and tight.

What Does It Do? How Does It Work?  A konjac sponge is both a product and an applicator. After being saturated with water, it can be used alone, or it can be used with your favorite face wash.

Most konjac sponges come dry and hard, but some come already moist. If it’s dry, then you’ll need to soak the sponge first.
It will become softer and larger after soaking and be ready for use.
This naturally exfoliating sponge can be used with nothing other than water added. The other option is to apply face wash to the sponge and then massage your face with the sponge to cleanse skin and remove makeup.

How to Use a Konjac Sponge.  How to use a konjac sponge isn’t difficult at all. Follow these simple steps:

If it’s your first time using a konjac sponge, soak it in warm water until it fully expands. If it’s not the first time, then wet it well with running warm water.
Remove excess water by lightly wringing it out. (Don’t twist or squeeze too hard because this can damage the sponge.)
Use the sponge to cleanse your face with or without cleanser by massaging the skin in circular motions.
After using the sponge on your face and/or body, rinse it thoroughly.
Put the sponge somewhere well-ventilated (definitely not in the shower) to dry.
If you don’t have a good dry place to store your sponge in between usage, another option is to keep it in the refrigerator. After using and rinsing out your sponge, put in a sealed container and place in the refrigerator.

What Are the Benefits of the Konjac Sponge?  The konjac sponge can be used by all skin types.

Potential skin benefits of using a konjac sponge include:
Cleansing in a gentle yet effective way
Thorough removal of makeup
Reduction of dry, flaky areas
Brighter complexion
Softer, smoother skin
Studies have also shown that konjac can reducee the bacteria which causes acne.  In addition to your face, you can use a konjac sponge all over your body. It’s also great for exfoliating the elbow area and tops of your arms, for example.

How Long Do Konjac Sponges Last?  If you care for it properly, konjac sponges can last about 4 to 6 weeks or longer. (Some makers say they can last two to three months.)

Since it’s made from natural plant fiber, it makes sense that this sponge’s life is shorter than a synthetic facial tool. An unopened and unused sponge can last about three years.
As with any sponge, you need to keep it clean to avoid bacteria buildup and prevent mold formation.

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