Is your skincare routine ready for Winter?

Swap to a cream cleanser

As we head into the colder months  of the year, you may like to swap your gel cleanser for something gentler, like a cream cleanser. Our skin will naturally produce less oil during winter leaving our skin drier than usual. Using a cream cleanser morning and evening will still remove unwanted pollutants and debris, but leave the natural oils so your skin feels soft and glowing once cleansed.

Apply your serum to damp skin

To help your serum absorb more effectively during winter, when you step out of the shower don’t dry your face completely – but rather leave it slightly damp before applying the product. You can also use Skin Essentials Toning Mist if you’re not a morning shower person. 

Lock in the moisture

A good moisturiser is fabulous for protecting skin against the harsh winter weather and locking moisture in. 

Continue using SPF

No matter the weather SPF is essential every day. UV damage can affect your skin year-round and it’s easily the #1 anti-ageing product in the market, so this one is a no-brainer.


Introduce a nourishing cleansing oil

Gone are the days of removing makeup with a wipe in the evenings. Not only is it unnecessary, but there are far more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to remove the day. During winter, try Skin Essentials Facial Elixir. Oil is one of the most effective products in cutting through and dissolving makeup gently.

Layer your skincare in the evenings

After cleansing, apply your night serum after this, ensuring you bring it down your neck and décolletage. Leave for an additional minute or two before finishing with night cream to lock it all in. Prepare for glowing, soft skin in the morning!