DIY Facials

Whenever I can sneek some spare time to myself, I love to give myself a DIY facial, being involved in the beauty industry for so long I am a bit of a facial snob and have such high expectations when I enter a salon I usually leave disappointed.

It doesn’t take long (around 25 minutes) and it makes a visible difference. Great daily skin habits make a lasting, difference to skin health, but facials, whether at-home or in-salon, are important for a deeper clean out, and more concentrated nourishment.

This is how I do mine.

  1. Double cleanse; start with a cleansing oil. I use Skin Essential Facial Elixir to get rid of makeup and sunscreen (because remember: the rest of your skin care won’t work properly unless you cleanse properly first) As with all oil cleansers: I apply with dry hands on a dry face and massage for 60 seconds before removing with a damp, hand-hot cloth like our very own Luxe Cloth.
  2. Gel Cleanser. I second cleanse with our Acne EssentialGel Cleanser, massage on damp skin to leave skin so clean for the rest of the routine.  Rinse and pat skin dry.
  3. Exfoliation. Next i use a Skin Essentials Konjac Sponge for some gentle exfoliation. The natural vegetable sponge get rid of blackheads and debris.
  4. Mist. Using a face mist before masks (and serums and moisturisers) helps product penetration, and effectiveness.
  5. Clay Mask. Clay masking is important to prevent congestion and dull skin. Our revitalizing clay mask, relaxingly scented dry mask (just add water) that clears out pores and draws out impurities, but is also brightening, soothing and hydrating. Clay masks are especially helpful for breakouts, or acne-prone or oily skin types. It stays on for 10 minutes or until dried down and then I remove it with a hand-hot Posh Cloth. I do this once a week, but congested or oily skin types might want to do it twice.
  6. Mist
  7. Serums.  After masking, I use our hydrating VitB3 Serum, we took off and took out with double cleansing and exfoliation and the clay… now we put back in.)
  8. Moisturizer. After I’ve applied all my lovely serums, I wanna lock it in with a thick, luscious moisturizer, Ilove Skin Essentials Nourishing Night Cream which I will take all the way down to my boobs, because as we all know, that’s where our face actually stops.
  9. Skin appreciation. I marvel at my very clean, glowing, bouncy skin and what 30 minutes can achieve. 
  10. Locate snacks and caffeine free fruit tea, aand slump elegantly into the sofa.